Barbie Evolution throughout the Years

barbie evolution

For a very long time, Barbie has become the most powerful toy fashion doll in the market. It is the pioneer of fashion doll which has become successful in expanding into different market as well. Lots of people love this iconic doll from the start due to its unique and modern characterization. Up till now, Barbie enthusiasts are still remarkable.

There is even what you call as Barbie doll syndrome, a condition which makes someone obsessed to have body like Barbie. This shows how influential the existence of this harmless toy is. Mattel, the creator of Barbie doll has receive critics regarding to unrealistic body image of the doll that leads people to misconception. However, Barbie today has gone through various changes and transformation to fit more in social value in real life.

The transformation of Barbie dolls

The first Barbie is displayed as tall, thin, tight waist, etc. Those looks are unattainable in real life which dangerously lead people to have unhealthy obsession of perfect body image. Perfect body proportion doesn’t exist in real life because every individual has unique appearance. This is why today Barbie has body image diversity which needs to be appreciated. The evolution of Barbie is not significant since the first release.

The first Barbie’s drastic transformation happened in two or three years ago when the creator decided to create new body types of Barbie dolls. They had variety of skin tones and hairstyles. The new body type is different from the first version which is a stick-thin frame. The new dolls come in more realistic body standards which reflect a lot the diversity of people in real life.

These days, you can see that Barbie are available in different height, body proportion, and even skin tones. There are many choices to choose from the diversity of new Barbie dolls. They come in various body types such as the one that is more petite, or the one that is taller, or the one that has curvy body. Children now can choose their own favorite Barbie type.

barbie evolution

barbie evolution

There is no generalization of fashion doll for kids. Now, this harmless fashion doll can convey the value of diversity especially in body image. Through Barbie evolution in body type, it is expected to change people expectation of body images. This is a long process but with Barbie expansion to other industries such as film, games, or fashion, the result is expected to be remarkably positive.

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