Barbie Latest Collection Teaches Children about Inclusivity

Barbie Latest Collection Teaches Children about Inclusivity

Barbie latest collection might surprise you. After all this time Barbie and Ken appeared in a form that is too perfect, Barbie is now celebrating diversity by releasing Barbies with various conditions. Barbie now has a version of vitiligo without legs that represents the diversity of conditions.

Mattel said he wanted to provide a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion. As a global brand, Barbie wants to show global diversity and inclusiveness. This will certainly have a positive impact on children.

Mattel introduces Barbie to the condition of vitiligo skin. One popular vitiligo model is Winnie Harlow. The skin has white patches and patches. Vitiligo itself is a disorder in the production of melanin and the body’s pigment cells.

According to Mashable, Mattel even worked with a dermatologist to ensure that the doll adequately represented the condition of vitiligo. In addition to vitiligo, Barbie also launched a bald doll that represented the condition of alopecia. Mattel revealed that this doll could reflect women who experience hair loss for any reason.


Barbie Latest Collection is the Best Way to Learn about Disability

They also released a doll that has one leg with a prosthetic leg. This doll was released last year and is working with a teen activist named Jordan Reeves. Jordan himself is a teenager with a disability who is very supportive of Mattel’s efforts.

This year, Barbie continues to campaign for diversity by releasing several dolls with various other conditions. Most recently there are Ken dolls with long hair and Barbie in a wheelchair.

According to Cosmopolitan, one of The Barbie Fashionistas series, will be involved in another new project. The Barbie Wellness Collection, and will guide us through five different ways.

For this project, Mattel collaborated with the Headspace meditation application to launch a Wellness collection and introduce girls to the world of self-care. The Barbie latest collection will also consist of Barbie Spa Doll and Spa Day Fitness Doll.

This collection will teach girls about routines that support aspects of emotional well-being and consist of three main themes. Namely meditation, physical well-being, and self-care.


Mattel’s Inclusivity Campaign has been Running since 2015

Mattel’s inclusive campaign itself has actually been going on for the past five years. Until now, Mattel has produced Barbie dolls in five body types, 22 skin colors, 76 hairstyles, 94 hair colors, and 13 eye colors.

In this Barbie latest collection, Ken dolls are available in four different body shapes, 13 skin colors, 9 eye colors, and 22 hair colors. So children can see many different Ken and learn that people in the world are not all the same.

The collection consists of various body shapes and skin colors that represent the crowd. This was immediately announced by Mattel, The Barbie Fashionistas will consist of 176 dolls. Both male and female, with a variety of body types, skin colors, and hairstyles.

The release of Barbie with a more diverse model is expected to eliminate the “false beauty standard” that has been circulating in the community. Barbie latest collection is also one of Mattel’s media to teach diversity and diversity.

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