Barbie Movies You’d Like to Watch

barbie movies

Barbie is a toy fashion doll that has become iconic in worldwide culture. It influences social value as well. Lots of children like this certain fashion doll because it teaches life value such as women independence. Barbie is the most successful brand in toy fashion doll market.

The company has gained high profit and benefit. It is not only gained from doll selling but also from the expansion in different departments such as movies, video games, television series, fashion items, and many more.

Speaking of Barbie movies, there are many of them that have become everyone’s favorite. The plot of Barbie movies is always interesting to watch no matter what age you are in.

Iconic Barbie movies to watch anytime

Barbie movies are varied in genres. There are modern and traditional Barbie movies where the setting is set accordingly. There have been numerous Barbie movies made to entertain as well as educate children specifically.

Aside from the numerous numbers of Barbie movies, here are the most iconic ones that you can play it overtimes with your kids:

  • Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses was released in 2006. It is a direct to video computer animated dance film. This is the 9th entry in the Barbie film series. This movie has adventurous plot which makes viewers fall in love to it. The setting is traditional which involves magical kingdom. There are 12 princesses in this film which appears in different character and dresses.
  • Barbie as the princess and the Pauper has also become favorite film of Barbie film series because it has moral value. It teaches viewershardship, equality, friendship, self-love, and responsibility to family. This is a good movie to teach young girls in entertaining way. The characterization of the main cast n his Barbie film is great. A princess here is described as smart, witty, brave, and talented.
  • Barbie in Mermaid tale is one of the most iconic Barbie film series. The setting is different and unique in many ways. This is what brings most kids to like mermaid tale even more with unique characterization of Barbie cast in the film.
barbie movies

barbie movies

  • Barbie as the Island Princess is also iconic and remarkable due to dramatic plot, perfect characterization, and great music. The way the characters dress in this film is exotic and iconic. However, the storyline and music are on top of the best things in the movie aside from the fashion choice.

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