Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Some of you might not think that there are controversial Barbie dolls out there. Sometimes, because the use of terms or concepts that are ‘uncommon’ can invite controversy in the community.

Barbie dolls are one of the most popular dolls for girls because of their beautiful appearance with slim body shape. This Mattel toy company doll production also often releases a new series of Barbie dolls which is certainly the target of collectors.

But you know, in addition to the series of dolls that are selling well in the market, Mattel has also issued a series of dolls that received a lot of criticism and did not receive good responses from the public for various reasons.

Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Controversial Barbie Dolls due to Its Naming

Barbie Oreo is one of the series of Barbie dolls produced in collaboration between Mattel and Nabisco Oreo Cookies. In its release, Mattel produced two versions of the doll at once, namely the black and white version.

Both are wearing blue clothes, complete with vests and other accessories that ‘smell’ oreo. At first, Mattel released the Oreo Barbie series to achieve and appreciate racial diversity. However, the response obtained after the release was the opposite.

This doll got a lot of criticism because it was considered ‘racist’ and insulting black girl. Because of the many criticisms and controversies caused by the release of this doll, shortly afterward Mattel later pulled this barbie series from circulation.

Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Controversial Barbie Dolls that You Might Not Know

Barbie Video Girl, the Barbie that is Considered Dangerous by the FBI

If another doll is exposed to controversy because it gets a lot of criticism from parents. This controversial Barbie dolls called Barbie Video Girl gets criticism from the FBI. Barbie Video Girl is a barbie doll series that has a camera that functions as a video recorder on the chest.

This camera allows users to record videos up to a 30-minute time limit. The video data on the doll can also be transferred using a USB cable.

The FBI believes that Barbie Video Girl can be misused to create obscene content. The FBI also believes that this doll can be used by pedophiles to record children’s personal activities.

Despite getting criticism and bad assumptions from the FBI, there have been no reports submitted to the authorities related to the abuse of Barbie Video Girl. That’s why this Barbie doll series is still sold freely on the market.

A Barbie Series which is Considered Campaigning for the Wrong Beauty Standard

In 1965, Mattel released a series of slumber-themed dolls named Slumber Party Barbie, which adding to the list of controversial Barbie dolls. This Barbie doll comes in after pink pajamas and accessories in the form of a book and weight scales.

These accessories invite a lot of criticism from the public. On the scales that accompany this doll, written the number 110 pounds. Where according to many people, this number is very unrealistic and below normal weight if you look at the size and height ratio of the Barbie dolls.

In addition to the book accessories, some sentences read ‘How To Lose Weight’ and ‘Don’t Eat’ which are considered to be a plunge.

Since many years ago, Barbie dolls have become one of the idols of children in all corners of the world. Even so, the popular Barbie dolls are not free from various problems, one of which is controversial Barbie dolls.

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