Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Mattel, the company that produced Barbie since 1959, began introducing gender neutral Barbie. This Barbie series called Barbie’s Creatable World is claimed to make children create without gender restrictions.

Barbie has always seemed to be the standard of female beauty in general. Now, the standard doll is out of date. This gender neutral doll was introduced to children as Mattel’s campaign to support inclusiveness.

This set of gender neutral doll consists of a doll with short haircuts wearing a tank top and shorts. Each box is equipped with six different pieces of clothing, such as hoodies, skirts, sweatpants, and buttoned shirts, as well as long hair wigs.

Hairstyles also vary, from long braid styles to thick blond curls. This variation makes children have a choice other than long straight hair that has been offered by Barbie or other dolls.

Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Gender Neutral Barbie was Hoped to Increase Children’s Creativity

Mattel Fashion Doll Design’s senior vice president Kim Culmone revealed that toys are a reflection of culture. As the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusiveness, Mattel considers that this is the right time to launch a doll that is not gender-limited.

With this doll, Mattel hopes that children can increase their creativity during play and allow children to explore these dolls that are already available in several series.

In addition, gender neutral dolls that can be created in accordance with the wishes of their owners are expected to make children more able to connect with their world. With this infinite doll, children’s imagination will not be constrained in the form of Barbie that has been known.

Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Gender Neutral Barbie that can be Styled by Children

Mattel Collaborated with Researchers to Research before Creating this Series

As time goes by, people’s beliefs and views about gender are also increasingly diverse. This is recognized by Mattel as one of the new fields of their business. Barbie neutral gender deliberately designed with a younger look than Barbie and Ken.

In developing this gender neutral Barbie, Mattel collaborated with scientists to create accessories and supporting components. They even spent about one and a half years to complete the project.

In the study, Mattel and scientists involved more than 250 families across the country. They interview parents and children, asking what their dolls have and what they want from children’s toys.

The answer is quite surprising because the majority of children involved in the study revealed that they did not want to be “forced” to play toys that had been categorized in one particular gender.

For some parents, the issue of gender neutral doll is a particular concern and makes them less comfortable with it. But Mattel again revealed that they realized this doll was not designed for everyone.

In the United States, more and more companies are supporting efforts, not to segment gender. For example, Target has stopped labeling toys with the labels “male” and “female” in 2015.

Disney has also abolished “special” designs for both boys and girls. So it is not surprising that Mattel also follows the steps of other companies to support inclusiveness by releasing gender neutral Barbie.

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