Learn More about Barbie Syndrome

barbie syndrome

Barbie is a fashion doll that has remained iconic up to this day. The existence of this doll has influence social value. That is why Barbie has become one of influential icon both in social and cultural aspects.

This fashion doll is manufactured by American Toy Company Mattel, Inc. This toy fashion doll is the leading in the industry. Barbie is basically a harmless toy to play with. Children love this doll due to many reasons.

barbie syndrome

barbie syndrome

Some of them love the fashion items, some others like the appearance. Entertaining girls by its fashion items is the first intention of Barbie launching. Besides, Barbie has conveyed feminist ideologies to embrace the value of women independence. However, it is also chained to another controversy in the matter of body proportion.

What is Barbie syndrome?

People love Barbie form the fashion to the eyes color, hair style, and many more. This looks like harmless but somehow it has many girls to become obsessed with typical Barbie looks. Lots of girls are obsessed to have the same body image as Barbie while in fact it is so unrealistic.

Lots of girls around the world has come into dangerous thinking when they think that perfect bodies should have the same appearance as the fashion doll itself. In reality, people have different body in shape, color, and many aspects. This is what leads to Barbie syndrome.

Barbie doll syndrome is a condition when certain someone becomes obsessive to acquire the same body as Barbie doll in an unrealistic, unhealthy, non –existent appearance. Instead of just a simple thinking, this syndrome makes it more extreme.

People who are suffered from this syndrome tend to have low self-esteem, adapt unhealthy eating habits for long period, experience extreme weight loss, and adjust themselves in society with unhealthy thinking and approach.

People who are suffered from this syndrome tend to have the drive of having perfect body like what Barbie doll looks like resulting in extreme self-image. This syndrome is fixable by proper treatment to raise self-esteem and realistic thinking. Since the syndrome has become widely recognized, the creator of Barbie has been criticized.

barbie syndrome

barbie syndrome

However, you can see that today body image of Barbie dolls have become more diverse. The figures are varied in height, color, and body shape. Some dolls are more petite, some are lean. The change is made to show people that body diversity is what it is real in life.

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